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Most used quizzes links which are given below: These links are used on daily bases, students can take practice and solve his quiz ***Chapter Wise Quiz*** for Mid and Final Term Exam Preparation. Now, you can also take practice for your Mid Term and Final Term Exam Preparation through Online solving Quizzes. When you will reached at Quiz Tab, then if your answer will be wrong then it

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We are providing you Digitized Mid and Final term papers, Chapter wise Quiz Quiz Preparations Past Papers Quiz Current Papers Handouts Past Paper Solved Quiz MCQ’s/Quiz Handouts Search Course Code Lessons/Slides VU videos Lessons 01 to 23 Lessons 24 to 45

Major and Main Course for All Fields. Everyone Read this Course CS101 Introduction to computing, where you can prepare basic knowledge of Computer. i.e;

  1. Who is the Father of Computer?
  2. Who is the Mother of Computer?
  3. Computer Invention?

HTML and JavaScript in whole Course of this subject. HTML is Little bit JavaScript is for Mid Term and Full of JavaScript for Final Term. We have covered digitized mid and final paper, video, notes, chapter wise Quiz preparation. It’s mobile compatible site. You can prepare your exams on your mobile.


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