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  • VU Assassins have covered the digitized MID / FINAL Term Papers.
  • VU Assassins is providing search option, where you will clicked and write your subject code then enter. It be

    reached at whose page where mentioned with your full course code and name. Click on First link, where course

    code and name then it will be reached at the course code page.

  • VU Assassins make a Preparation TAB, where the students take MCQ’s test and prepare Mid and Finals


  • VU Assassins rule just one click and download your Paper or Assignment. Registration does not matter.
  • VU Assassins is provide Assignment TAB, If the solution is available then we will uploaded a solution file. Students

    can downloaded this file.

  • VU Assassins is provide Quiz TAB. Basically, this TAB is used for Chapter vice MCQ’s. We have covered One (1)

    chapter and you can take 20 Multiple Choice Question.

  • VU Assassins provides a chatroom, where the students can discuss or chat with each other on study related or

    some times Fun together.

  • VU Assassins make Mobile Compatible Site, you can open any kind of Device or any kind of Browser.
  • We have to provide a Video link, we will provide a videos link as a suggestion.
  • VU Assassins User will not need to register, because we have to make a user friendly.
  • VU Assassins is providing Topics wise Quiz preparation for Biology and Zoology Students.
  • User is required for Registration. You can just open your subject link. Test test for preparation tab only.
  • User can’t register for Chat. There is no any kind of registration. Just Write your name and wait 5 Seconds then

    you can do chat automatically. The Chat Popup message will be closed during within 5 seconds. Every time when

    you will get open website then you can change/edit your name.

  • Give your Suggestions for VU Assassins. Take Comment in comment box.
  • If you want to go back on your LMS, then click on VULMS


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