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  • VU Assassins have covered the digitized MID / FINAL Term Papers.
  • VU Assassins make a Preparation TAB, where the students take MCQ’s test and prepare Mid and Finals Preparation.
  • VU Assassins rule just one click and download your Paper or Assignment. Registration does not matter.
  • VU Assassins is provide Assignment TAB, If the solution is available then we will uploaded a solution file. Students can downloaded this file.
  • VU Assassins is provide Quiz TAB. Basically, this TAB is used for Chapter vice MCQ’s. We have covered One (1) chapter and you can take 20 Multiple Choice Question.
  • VU Assassins provides a chatroom, where the students can discuss or chat with each other on study related or some times Fun together.
  • VU Assassins make Mobile Compatible Site, you can open any kind of Device or any kind of Browser.
  • We have to provide a Video link, we will provide a videos link as a suggestion.
  • User will not need to register, because we have to make a user friendly.
  • User can register only for Chat.


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