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ACF619 – Accounting and Finance Final Project

In ACF619 Accounting and Finance Final Project we have you covered with Digitized Past Papers From Fall of Mid Term and Final Term. In Accounting and Finance prepares where the bachelor degree program students for entry-level positions in accounting and financial. Chapter Wise Quiz Preparation, Mid/Final Term Papers, Videos, Short Notes, Assignments, GDB, Quiz. Go to the Preparation tab only where you can take test of quiz.

Objectives of Management Accounting:
1. To help the management in promoting efficiency.
2. To finalize budgets covering all functions of a business.
3. To study the actual performance with plan for identifying deviations and their causes.
4. To analyze financial statements to enable the management to formulate future policies.
5. To help the management at frequent intervals by providing operating statements and short-term financial statements.
6. To arrange for the systematic allocation of responsibilities for the implementation of plans and budgets.
7. To provide a suitable organization for discharging the responsibilities.

Scope of Management Accounting:
1. According to the business the Financial accounting which is related to the transactions including income, expenditure, inventory movement, assets, liabilities, cash receipts, etc.
2. Cost accounting: Costing is a branch of accounting. It is the process of and technique of ascertaining costs. It includes standard costing, marginal costing, differential and opportunity cost analysis.
3. Budgeting and forecasting: Covers budgetary control.
4. It reports financial results to the management
5. It provides statistical data to various departments.

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