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First of all, Find the solution of the assignment or other text do you want to copy from one file to another file.  Both of these are familiar with work. You can do by hand using Mouse which is a external usage, When you will use a Cntrl + C then you can copy your content.


Ctrl is a function key which is available at the keyword of any model. Some other functions are used by the “Fn” key but it works only for specific task.

For example if you want to rename your folder, Image or any file then you can press Fn + F2 then it will give you an option, you can edit your text, file and image. Choice is yours.


Shortcut key of Text Copy   =  Ctrl + C

When you will press the key, then it will not show you any task bar or any thing where you can see that, my text will be copied. You can just Imagine that your text will be copied. This feature is hidden. When you will used a IOS means apple laptop then you will use the cmd key. CMD key + C then the text will be copy. Control-C for PCs, Command-C for Macs.

Shortcut key of Paste Copy   =  Ctrl + V

When you will press the key, then it will  show you in File when you will press this key. You can just Imagine that your text will be copied. This feature is hidden. Control-V for PCs, Command-V for Macs

Open a document file or notepad or any Excel file, You have to copy one text then you can paste your text from one document to another documents. If you want to copy text by the help of mouse is attached with computer or laptop. Then you can right click from the mouse and go to the 3rd option is copy then next step is paste the text. You can open another documents where you can paste your copied text.


If you written a document of 5000 words then first highlighted a text. It will show you at the bottom of word file, you have written/typed a 5000 but you have copied a 2000 words. Copy paste works is almost using in Data Entry or if you want to take copy paste your text or your images.

You can use these key from both hand when you will work but most used key by the left hand. Little finger can take press by the button of Ctrl and the main finger is used for C then you can copied your text easily.


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