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It’s not only for Virtual University Students, this article for everyone. Any kind of text or any kind of image you can get the all text within 30 sec.  Most of the students are downloading a file from online any website and open that file by using mouse you can select all document and paste into the new document then all text with me same and assignment will be marked as copied. When you use a shortcut key then it is very simple you can press the key “Ctrl+A” (Select All) then open a new document by the shortcut key “Ctrl+N” {New Document) then paste on new document by helping the key (Ctrl+V).

Very simple way, if you are watching a video on YouTube then stop the video  from there then take the screenshot of that assignment or text. Do no need to write of all that. Just make image and go to the website of OCR ONLINE.


When you will open the website then in Step 1 – Upload File (it means that just upload your Image. Do not upload a file.



Step 2 is you can change the language from your text which is uploaded in the image file.  One more thing you can also change the format of your output.



When you will complete this process then Convert Button automatically shows you and click on that button. You can wait just 5 seconds it will show you waiting then processing then you can check all that image file into the text.



There are two options: One is download the output file and second option is copy  the direct text.





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