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CS609 – System Programming

In CS609 System Programming we have you covered with Digitized Past Papers From Fall of Mid Term and Final Term.


CS609_Final Solved Subjective By Moaaz                                                      View     Download

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CS609 Midterm Solved subjective with references by Moaaz                         View     Download

CS609FinaltermSolvedSubjectiveWithReferencesByMoaaz                           View     Download

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    Q#1 In how many ways higher PC can operate?
    Answer:- (Page 319)
    Higher PCs can operate in two modes
    Q#2 In FAT32, what is the size of FSInfo?
    Answer:- On a FAT32 volume, the FAT can be a large data structure, unlike on FAT16 where it is limited to a maximum of
    128K worth of sectors and FAT12 where it is limited to a maximum of 6K worth of sectors. Q#3 A disk is divided into three partition. What type of information is represented in code part of
    partition table?
    Answer:- (Page 219)
    code part contains valid executable code

    Q#5 How ISR sends EOI (End of interrupt) signals to master and slave .Required statement must be in C
    Answer:- void irq_handler(registers_t regs)
    // Send an EOI (end of interrupt) signal to the PICs.
    // If this interrupt involved the slave.
    if (regs.int_no >= 40)
    // Send reset signal to slave.
    outb(0xA0, 0x20);
    // Send reset signal to master. (As well as slave, if necessary).
    outb(0x20, 0x20);
    if (interrupt_handlers[regs.int_no] != 0)
    isr_t handler = interrupt_handlers[regs.int_no];

    Q#6 Suppose a disk is divided into two partition and we have read MBR at LBA=0 to get information
    about primary partition
    a) How many bytes of code part we need to skip to get information about primary partition?
    b) How many bytes of code part we need to read information?

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