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CS610 – Computer Network

In CS610 Computer Network we have you covered with Digitized Past Papers From Fall of Mid Term and Final Term.

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CS610-MIDTERM SOLVED MCQS by moaaz                           View     Download
CS610-MIDTERM SOLVED MCQS by moaaz                            View     Download

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POSTED DATE:20-01-2019               IDEA SOLUTION

Question – 1
You are required to find the number of subnets and useable hosts per subnet that we can get from the following addresses in given table.

Addresses with CIDR notation and associated subnet mask
SubnetsUseable hosts per subnet

Question – 2
Ali is working in an “ABC” company as an IT administrator. Purchase department of “ABC” company is located 2 buildings away from the head office. Ali has assigned a task to connect the two LANs, i.e. head office and the purchase department. Here, for this he used bridge, pair of fiber modems and an optical fiber.
Keeping in view the above scenario, answer the following questions:

  1. A new employee “Ahmad” is hired in the purchase department of “ABC” Company and for him Ali wants to add another computer in the LAN of the purchase department. To add a computer in the network should Ali change the wiring of LAN?

Answer: No, Because Only RJ-45 connector with wire is require which connects computer with modem through this wir

  1. Addition in the number of computers in purchase department, will affect the efficiency of head office’s LAN? Give your answer is Yes/No with appropriate reason.

Answer: In network science, the efficiency of network is a measure of how efficiently it exchanges the information. The concept of efficiency can be applied to both local and global scales in a network. On a global scale, efficiency quantifies the exchange of information across the whole network where information is concurrently exchange. The local efficiency quantifies a network’s resistance to failure on a small scale.

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    Question no. 31 (2 Marks)
    Find the class in 00000001.001011.1001.111
    Answer: (Page 87)
    Class A
    Question no. 32 (2 Marks)
    What is the difference between unicast and multicast?
    Answer:- (Page 114)
    Unicast is used for single destination computer while multicast is used for multiple destinations
    Question no. 33 (2 Marks)
    What is the basic concept of Twice NAT (Network Address Translation)?
    Answer:- rep
    Question no. 34 (2 Marks)
    What is the role of DMA in NIC?
    Answer:- (Page 34)
    It may use DMA to copy frame data directly from main memory and copy data directly into main memory.
    Question no. 35 (2 Marks)
    What is the function of Hope count matrix in routing information protocol?
    Answer:- Click here for detail
    RIP uses a hop count metric to measure the distance to a destination
    Question no. 36 (Marks2)
    What is the scale or level of requirement in of IPv6?
    Answer:- (Page 110)
    Scale is also dramatically changed. Size from a few tens to a few tens of millions of computers has been
    revolutionized. Speed has increased from 56Kbps to 1Gbps. Also there is an increased frame size in hardware.
    Question No: 37 (3 Marks)
    Change the following into equivalent binary
    Binary: 10011010 00011111 10100001 00001101
    Binary: 11001010 00100000 00001111 00000111
    Binary: 11000000 10101000 00000001 00000101
    Question No: 38 (3 Marks)
    What is the meaning of Facilities for Transit Routing as a characteristic of the Border Gateway
    Answer:- Click here for Detail
    Facilities For Transit Routing
    classifies each AS as a transit system if it agrees to pass traffic through, or as a stub system if it does not BGP
    allows a corporation to classify itself as a stub even if it is multi-homed (refuse to accept transit traffic)
    Question No: 39 (3 Marks)
    In internet routing how does a host join or leave a group?
    Answer:- rep
    Question No: 40 (3 Marks)
    Name the six services provided by TCP
    Answer:- (Page 123)
    Following are the services provided by TCP:
    • Connection-oriented service
    • Point-to-point
    • Complete reliability
    • Full-duplex communication
    • Stream interface
    • Reliable connection startup
    • Graceful connection shutdown
    Question No: 41 (3 Marks)
    In internet routing how does a host join or leave a group?
    Answer:- rep
    Question No: 42 (3 Marks)
    What are the distance limitations in Fiber Optic?
    Answer: Page 48
    Optical fiber can extend across several kilometers because delays on optical fiber are very low and bandwidth is
    very high.
    Question No: 43 (5 Marks)
    What are the three approaches for datagram forwarding?
    Answer:- (Page 143)
    Question No: 45 (5 Marks)
    Write down the comparison of Distance- vector and Link – state algorithm?
    Answer: Page 64
    • It is very simple to implement.
    • Packet switch updates its own routing table first.
    • It is used in RIP.
    • It is much more complex.
    • Switches perform independent computations.
    • It is used in OSPF.
    CS610 Current Final Term Papers
    Fall 2011
    Define simplex and full duplex connection? (2 Marks)
    Answer:- rep


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