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CS702 – Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design

In CS702 Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design we have you covered with Digitized Past Papers From Fall of Mid Term and Final Term.

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    1. Steps of greedy algorithm design
    2. Pseudo code of Huffman coding
    3. Prove that circuit-sat is hard
    4. Prove gcd(an,bn)=n.gcd(a,b)
    5. Decrypted message (example in slides)
    6. Backtracking to find maximum profit maximum weight is 8. see example in backtracking)
    7. In DFS if vi is en-queued before vj then prove that d[vi] b ≥ 1 and the invocation EUCLID (a, b) takes k ≥ 1 recursive calls, then a ≥ Fk+2
    and b ≥ Fk+1 ?
    22. If p is prime, a is positive integer not divisible by p, ap-1 = 1 mod p OR ap = a mod p
    23. If gcd(a, m) = 1 and m > 1, then a has a unique inverse a′ (modulo m).
    24. If X is problem such that P‘≤ p X for some P’∈NPC, then X is NP-hard. Moreover, X ∈
    NP→X∈ NPC.
    25. Why we use dynamic programming? Give limitations…..5 marks
    26. Pseudo code for Johnson’s algorithm….5 marks
    27. How to print path in BFS algorithm…5 marks.
    28. Prove that for a problem X and P’ such that P’ <p NPC , X is NP hard. …10 marks
    29. Extend Shortest Path algorithm.5 marks.


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