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ALL CURRENT FINAL PAPERS 24 August 2019 – 6 September 2019

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NOTE: Currently Final Term Papers

CS101 Current Paper

Paper zaida 23 to 45 sy aya 2 mcqs or 1 short 3 nmber ka mid syllabus sy a’ay

Q : World first Computer program kis ny likha or kis computer ky liya likha gya ?

2 : Credit Card Fraud kya hai kaisay avoid kiya ja sakta hai

3 : Website design krtay waqat capital letters use krny chahiya ya small letters?

4 : Valid/ Invalid Event handlers mention krain

5 : Dos attack kay 3 step likhain


Star toplogy

Ring topolgy

  1. Q) purpose of www in physical manner
  2. Q) data normalization

Q)what will be the of hello world

Q)find the syntax error

Q)what will be the ouptupt of this

Q)write down three functions who work with Alu

Or 2 questions the yad nii wo


CS201 Current Paper

Program for class

Write program to copy one array into another array and array of 5 elements

Aur baki questions find errors in the given code

Calloc and malloc function

Write program for constructor


CS301 Current Paper

Paper mcqs mostly past papers sy thy aur subjective BST. Sorting, Max heap and min heap ki statements, min heap first 4 order delete then make a new tree,


mostly mcqs from pst pprs and subjective Huffman codes ,bst ExPression tree and binary tree ,bubbly  sort ,postfix , aur ik program tha baqi  yad nhi reha




Mcqs mostly from moaz past paper and sub out fo tha

Avl tree zada question aye diagram k or table adt heap or hashing table equivalence expression theorom prove that 2 raise power h+1 _1 Wala or baqi short avl tree k thy ..zada or function variable




Q1.biner tree bnawa tha OS k levels btao.

Q2.carictrics of avl tree.

Q3.if node leaf and non leafe in binry tree then what the hight of tree of its depth is 7?

Q.4hight of nodes if hight is 5?

Q.6 [2 9 7 5 8] sort it.

Q.7 ik tree tha osko array mn conert krna tha.

Q8.crictristics of union method

Mostly mcqs and questions are from moazz files.

CS401 Current Paper 8:00 am

Mostly mcqs from moaaz files and5short questions of 3 number

5 long questions of 5 numbers mostly from past papers




Mcqs past papers sa tha

3masks questions:

Diff between serial and parallel port communication.

How to speed up multitasking.

Ik program code aya tha for cant remember the condition.




50 questions

40 mcqs 80% from past papers

  1. In truncated file service which register read service and file attributes

2.SACS instruction works?

3.which interrupt is called scheduler.which main purpose of that.

4.which interrupt interrupt and control back to dos.write name of interrupt and service number.

5.serial port intiziltaion service number and also write attributes of it with service number those initialize them.

6.physical address btna tha

7.data movment instruction de v thi un ka btna tha k kon sy processor me use hoti hain.

8.code dia hua tha btna tha k instruction kya kam kr rhi us me.

9.code likhna tha apna name on top of screen show krny ka.

10.code likhna tha aik array ka jis me 128 elements ho har element 4 byte ka ho or har element ki value 0 ho.

Overall paper bhut easy tha..

CS403 Current Paper

Mcqs 20 to 25 moaaz file sy tha…


1. What is inter schema mapping?
2. Difference between SQL and SQL server?
3. Difference between optimistic and pessimistic modes for taking locks?
4. Which method is in DBMS to detect Deadlock? Briefly explain.

CS408 Current Paper


Q1) What outputs will be generated from the following data?

Computer + Microwave =?

Computer + Data = ?

Computer + Information =? (3)

Q2) By breaking down skeleton plane into its component elements, how do all the pieces fit together to create this as a whole user experience? (3)


Q3) Suppose you are a system analyst. With your work experience briefly describe when it is useful to observe in context to observation process? (3)


Q4) Give three advantages of using low fidelity prototyping (3)


Q5) A software house “xyz ltd” develops a new web browser with innovative features. Now the developers of this browser want to know if users find items faster with their product.To findout these points developer wants to perform user testing. Why “xyz ltd” investing in user testing? Give at least three good reasons. (3)


Q6) You have to design persona based design solutions in a company “ABC”. According to your experience which step in requirement definition serves as primary purpose of eliminating as much designer bias as possible before launching into scenarios, preparing the designers to take on the roles of the primary personas during the scenario process? (5)


Q7) In human beings, Input is done mainly through the senses and out put through the motor control of the effectors? Differentiate between effectors and Senses. Also Mention the names of Receptors and senses. (5)


Q8) Suppose you are an IT officer in XYZ Company. A typist comes to you, asked about blind and explanatory undo. How you differentiate blind and explanatory undo in front of him. (5)


Q9) There is a limitation to the interaction between a user and a personal computer. How Wearable Computing removes this limitation? Also elaborate its negative aspects on society. (5)


10) Hassan is working as a system analyst in “ABC.org”. He follows ethical code to preserve people’s privacy. Which guidelines will help him to ensure that evaluations are done ethically and that adequate steps to protect users’ rights have been taken? Give at least five guidelines. (5)


CS502 Current Paper

What is technological sort of DAG.

Optimal and non_ optimal greedy approach for activity selection

What is overall time of knapsack when graph is sparse.

What do you mean by polynomial time algorithm? And what kind of problems can be solved by using polynomial algorithm.

Almost all Mcsqs were from last 4 chapters.


CS504 Current Paper

15 mcqs from past

Total 50 questions

1)Classes r interfaces given the unhe organized krna tha

2)portability stick to the standard


4)Diffr b/w flowchart and data flow diagram

5)code was given and make cyclomatic c flow graph

Rest of the questions were out of order


CS605 Current Paper
All Mcqs from moaz file

3 marks

Scheduling technique ke name .

Resource Tracablity

Review types

One System process model is fesible with all ?

Use of data and code restructuring


5 marks

Availibity formula solving

Determine crititcal path

Bed smell me long methods

Re engeneering ke steps

One related to system life cycles


MGT211 Current Paper

Total 41 questions out of which 11 were subjective

– Discuss the cost of quality.

– differentiate between tangible and intangible products

– Industrial products are used to make other products. Discuss the categories of industrial products.

– Utility is the ability of the product to satisfy the needs of customers. Discuss the forms of utility.

– Disadvantages of using intermediaries :


– Being a manager of e commerce company, what will be your primary focus regarding sales of product?


– Major Tasks Performed by a Sales Manager :


– Being a business student; how would you differentiate between performance quality and quality reliability?


– Briefly discuss the major modes of transportation with disadvantages of each.


– Marketers use various strategies to promote their products. Discuss the objectives of those strategies.


– Enlist the basic market segmentation-strategies.

BIO301 Current Paper 8:00am


Function of STRP ? (2).

Framshift mutation ? (2).

Def Penetrance and expresivity ? (2).

Frvr revrs and neutral mutation ? ( 3 ).

Autosomal dominant disorder ? ( 3 ).

Def polyploidy and types ? ( 3 )

Def VNTR five applications ? ( 5 ).

Point mutation and variation changing in structure of chromosomes ? ( 5 )

Trisomy and its types ?( 5 ).

How mutation alter gene function ? ( 10)

1,define lens ratio

2,shutter speed

3,what is Reel

4,production stages

5,what is converge lens

6,what is camera movement




PHY101 Current Paper

  1. Similarities b/w light wave and sound waves.
  2. Three postulates of Bohr atomic theory.

3.who discovered nucleus? Write the steps with explanation.

4.longitudinal and transverse waves.

  1. What is the work done? If Force is 500N, height of downwards clif is 30m and angle with land is 30 degree.

6.diagram was given with no data you have to find tention.

7.a) Gravitational force of sun is greater than Earth then why moon is not pulled away by the Sun in lunar eclipse.

  1. b) satellite is moving in the orbit as there is vaccum, and satellite is moving on thin air. Is there any air resistance which slows down the satellite speed.
  2. Numerical. You find potential difference. Force and work done.




1,define lens ratio

2,shutter speed

3,what is Reel

4,production stages

5,what is converge lens

6,what is camera movement




Total 50 qs (40 mcqs,5 short with 3 marks and 5 long with 5 marks)

1:parts of emotions name them and briefly explan

2:define personality in your own words

3:role of brain due to huger drive

4:IQ stands for? And formula

5:roles and duties of forensic psychologists

6:parts of neurons and functions



MCD401 Current Paper 8am

1.Difference b/w linear nd non-linear?

2.which lens is used in camera straight line to curve line?

3.How u will ready for shoot and cameraman???

4.what is photography?

5.difference b/w pre production nd post production?

6.what is buffer shot?

7.what is editing film?

8.when 1st camera was descoverd nd by whome?

Total 16 questions thy baqi yad nhe…


MTH304 Current Paper

mcq(40 )nmbr 4 question(5) nmbr waly ky 4question( 3)nmbr waly aur 4 question (2) nmbr waly ky aay thy mcq ka pta ni kidhar sy pur buhat mushkil thy


MTH603 Current Paper

2 question from Simpson’s 1/3 of 5,5 Mark’s

Lagranges 5 marks

Raunge kutta method 4th rule 5 Mark’s

Raunge kutta k1 definition 2 Mark’s

Derivation 3 question of 2,2,3 Mark’s


BT503 Current Paper


What is clonning vector? Why it is important in genetic engineering? (10)

Detail note on environemntal biotechnology (5)

Explain recombinant microorganisms specifically yeast and microorgasims (5)

Thermophiles and its uses in PCR (2)

Name enzymes, solution and equipments used in genetic engineering (2)

Thermiphiles and and application of taq polymerase in pcr (3)

Name enzymes, solution and equipments used in genetic engineering (3)

Define extremophiles. Name three catagories of extremophiles in mature(3)



BIF401 Current Paper

Time# 8:00

12 mcqs from past

1=what is tendem mass spectrometry?

2=what ab initio modeling? Describe its limitations as well?

3=describe following elements





4=What is hydrophobicity of amino acid?

5=how propensity table can helps us?

6=describe secondary structure of protein?

7=chou fasman algorithm

8=silico fragment comparison?

9=seven steps of homology modeling?


advantage of folded protein over denatured protein

factor that participate in folding protein

role of amino acid

goal of folding protein


MGT402 Current Paper


15 numericals mcqs m subjectice opportunity cost operation budget k concept labour hour per unit find krna tha absorptional costing per unit or marginal costing per unit find krna tha sales find krna thi fixed cost di hui sale 10 percent incraese ho numericals tha flex budget or fixed budget cash budget tyar krna tha


MGT503 Current Paper

10 sy 12 mcqs past sy..

subjective me..

internet intranet extranet diffrence

define creativity and innvovation.

explain reinforcemnt theory

itnaa yad h bass..




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