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FIN611 – Advanced Financial Accounting

In FIN611 Advanced Financial Accounting we have you covered with Digitized Past Papers From Fall of Mid Term and Final Term.

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    FIn611 paper… Objective question were quite esay ,, mostly from the quiz … in OBjective ..
    1. this was example 8 at page 144..
    2. two question were to find the profit/loss of the firm…
    given were
    opening balance
    closing balance
    fresh capital..
    these question were quite esay..
    3. two companies P n S were given n p purchase all shares of S.. you hv you praper consolated balance
    4. consolidated blance sheet were given , you hv to find out the goodwill of the company
    2 balnce sheet bnai the.. wohi end walay chpterz main sy… or 3 they eps waly or aik net book value
    waala.. bs itna hi yaad hy
    FIN 611 Exam on 20th July 2012
    MCQ’s were quite tough and mostly from Mid Term
    1) A company is to purchase a business that has net tangible assets valued at 75,000
    The purchase price will consist of 150,000 of ordinary shares of 0.50 fully paid.
    The shares are currently worth Rs: 0.65 each
    How much is paid for the goodwill of the business?
    2) Calculate COGS
    Given Opening Stock, Closing Stock, Purchases, Sales, General Expenses and Transfer of Goods from
    Company A to Company B.
    3) Consolidated Balance Sheet
    4) Two Questions were of calculating EPS

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