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ISL201 – Islamic Studies

In ISL201 Islamic Studies we have you covered with Digitized Past Papers From Fall of Mid Term and Final Term.

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POSTED DATE: 04-02-2019            GDB IDEA SOLUTION

Terms and conditions of Treaty which signed after Negotiations between Quraish of Mecca and  Muslims of Medina are appended below:

  1. After the signing of the treaty, the Quraish of Mecca no longer considered Muhammad to be a rebel or a fugitive from Mecca.
  2.  Muslims would return to Madina that year.
  3.  They would be permitted to come for pilgrimage next year but would stay only for three days in Makkah.
  4.   If a Quraish from Makkah should join the Muslim without permission from this guardians, he would be sent back to makkah. But if Muslim from Madina went to Makkah he would not be sent back.
  5.   There would be fighting for 10 (Ten) years. They also recognized the Islamic state in Medina by signing the treaty. The treaty also allowed the Muslims who were still in Mecca to practice islam publicly.
  6.  There was no longer a constant struggle between the Muslims and the polytheists, may people saw islam in a saw new light, which led to many more people accepting Islam. In addition,  the Treaty of Hudaybiyah paved the way for many other tribes to makes treaties with the Muslims.
  7. The treaty also serves as an example that islam was not merely spread with the sword, as  Muhammad had an army that could have attacked Mecca, but Muhammad (S.A.W) chose to make a treaty instead of attacking.

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