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MCM411 – Introduction to Broadcasting

In MCM411 Introduction to Broadcasting we have you covered with Digitized Past Papers From Fall of Mid Term and Final Term.

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POSTED DATE: 04-02-2019                    ASSIGNMENT IDEA SOLUTION
Q.1 Identify 5 Hindi words.

taqreebanLag bhag
Ala muqamMahan
  1. 2

Mention any 5 things which are against our culture values:
Exactly when Disney bought the rights to Doraemon, perhaps they did accordingly with the objective of playing just Doraemon on their station. In any occasion, that is what it feels like. The channel insincerity sequential scenes of the show, and adolescents basically keep drinking up scenes of the shrewd Doraemon helping Nobita. Be that as it may, there are numerous things which are against our way of life and even they are not right for children’s.

  •        Doremon is an issue solver:

Introduction to characters like Doraemon could have youngsters believing that at whatever point they encounter an issue… they might just have the ability to fix it! In reality, we can’t have our youths shape into fundamental brains. They might just grow up and find ways to deal with battle radicalism, or… contamination. They ought to have confidence in “ALLAH”

  • Nobita simply needs to make an incredible most:

This Nobita character is a troublesome person. He skips errands, wouldn’t prefer to think about, and acts like a standard nine-year-old. Doesn’t he comprehend that a real presence of work and doing combating for central needs foresees him?

  • Doremon can change its shading:

How might we confide in an animal which can change its shading its jus instructing that it’s alright to change yourself, your looks as per circumstance which is absolutely off-base.

  • Spoils our Urdu Dialectal:

It’s a disturbing circumstance for us that India utilized its strategies with the assistance of media to ruin our mom dialect among our children.
Do you find any aspect of learning for kids in this program?
The main thing which I could discover in this animation arrangement is one ought to dependably go for a decent and positive approach to take care of any issue  Regardless and how much huge an issue is, dependably pick the correct way you will be succeed regardless of how much time it takes.


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