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MGT601 – SME Management

In MGT601 SME Management we have you covered with Digitized Past Papers From Fall of Mid Term and Final Term.

POSTED DATE:25-01-2019                     GDB IDEA SOLUTION

Q.1 What can be most relevant advantages and disadvantages of E-Recruitment? Mention at least four advantages and disadvantages?
To guide or assist the hiring process using electronic resources such as Internet and other HR software is called E-Recruitment. It reduces the administrative and financial load of recruitment to get wider pool of talent.
Advantages of E-Recruitment:

  1. Cost Effective:

E-Recruitment is Low cost per candidate due to Internet and screening software, as compared to the physical recruitment process.

  1. More Effective:

E-Recruitment is easily accessible to anyone over the Internet. Online job ads can be quickly shared on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  1. More Efficient:

Right people for the right job can be easily get through E-Recruitment process, by matching the candidate’s resume with the job descriptions.

  1. Longevity:

Newspapers or any other forms of printed media have limited lifetime, it means that your Job posting ad will only be available for that small amount of time. Online job post on the other hand will stay active until the requirement agency removes it.
Disadvantages of E-Recruitment:

  1. Hard to Target:

With online recruitment, it may be difficult to target geographically a specified group of candidates, and your job post will be seen by many other people.

  1. Informal:

With regards to social media e-recruitment, some companies think that it shows the wrong image about the company as it is an informal recruiting method. It may also lead to an informal response from applicants via the company’s social media.

  1. Large response rate:

Posting online Jobs will increase the chances of getting thousands of job applications. From them many of which will not be relevant to job description.

  1. Fraudulent Applicants:

Some applications might be fake to get information about the hiring company or hiring officer. Fraudulent might use the information posted for online job to promote illegal activities.
Q.2 Identify at least two sources mostly used for e-recruitment by SMEs of IT industry of

  1. Own Websites

Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)


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