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MGT602 – Entrepreneurship

In MGT602 Entrepreneurship we have you covered with Digitized Past Papers From Fall of Mid Term and Final Term.

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POSTED DATE:25-01-2019                     GDB IDEA SOLUTION
  1.       Opportunities/Needs are created.

In my opinion, business opportunities are created. In order to facilitate the customer to meet their routine-life needs, entrepreneur collects information from the market based on customer needs and strives to achieve their entrepreneurial mission.

  1.       Example: Online banking system can be taken as an example from real life. Bank’s working style has been manual before the use of E-banking. With this, banking system created an opportunity to update their operations and to give more comfort to the customer in their day-to-day activities.
  2.       Arguments:
  3.       Bank operations became more efficient than ever before. E-banking saves time of both the banks and the customers in banking activities.
  4.       It is not feasible for all the customers to approach the banks all the time. E-banking is an attractive opportunity for such type of customers. Location does not hinder their bank-related activities while using e-banking.
  5.       It is an easy and secure way to transfer a large sum of money through e-banking. Minimum risk of theft is involved in it.
  6.       Another advantage of e-banking is that customers can check their account information anytime. There is an alert system for payment and receiving through which customer remains updated about their transactions.

Note: I have prepared this gdb according to my knowledge and the facts I gathered. It is requested to you to get the idea from this and not to copy the context in whole.


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