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(Fulfill their purpose of creation as defined by Allah).

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Only Pakistan based and international based.we will do registration charge before.the fee for valid for one year. When you like to know about proposal and required for see them. Then will charge fees as country based. Rishta consultant 1st marriage 2nd marriage divorced doctors engineers all etc. Our approach towards achieving this goal is purely Islamic.

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  • In order to use the our Service you must register as a member at the website https://www.vuassassins.com/registeror share your profile at the Whatsapp +92 (307) 4151718.
  • No fake Picture and fake profiles are allowed at website. 1st we will check your profile and reject/banned your account. Send yourrecent pics for our help thank
  • To register as a member of VU ASSASSINSonline marriage, you must be legally competent and of legal marriageable age as per the laws of Pakistan and UK (currently, 18 years or over for females and 21 years or over for males).
  • Onlinemarriage is not responsible for any direct calling,direct communication,meetings over the phone or face to face between both member of proposal.
  • Client agree to Commit He / She will continue with us until to the Event
  • He / She will Unlimited consultations via email and/or telephone.
  • You will not engage in gathering personal information such as financial information or any other kind of information of our members.
  • Unlimited face to face consultations. Be advised, extra costs will be incurred for travel expenses if the meeting is more than 5 miles from Online Marriage office.
  • Assistance with budget and breakdown of costs.
  • Abuse to staff will NOT be tolerated in any way, shape of form, and will result in a permanent ban without refund.


Deposit or Advance Refund Policy

  • They will not refund Registration fee. If any member who has decided that they no longer wish to continue.
  • A refund can NOT be given in part of any but we will Keep save Registration fee for He / She If they are changing mind,we will deal them free ,
  • Please read the full terms for our refund policy below. Agreeing to our terms and conditions when you Registered with Apna Marriage Bureau means you agree to our refund policy.With terms and conditions.


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