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PSY401 – Clinical Psychology

In PSY401 Clinical Psychology we have you covered with Digitized Past Papers From Fall of Mid Term and Final Term.

POSTED DATE:21-01-2019                     IDEA SOLUTION

Case stereotype

S/OName of the fallacyJustify with Example
1Argumentum ad ignorantim It a fallacy view in which ignorance is a major perspective to support argument according to naturally we ignore almost many things in our life. This type of fallacy is used in blaster multiple contradictory conclusion at once .to explain we have two claims, one in which noone has able to prove defiantly extra terrestrial are exist. And the other in which it’s not present and opponent to first claim. Ignorance but the ignorance of the ignorance is the death of knowledge.
Example: I know nothing about abid ali except that he has criminal records as long as your leg, but I will bet he is really just misunderstands.
2Ad Hominern FallacyAd hominem is more than just insult .it’s used an insult where evidence support to conclusion .it’s considered the first thought of personal attacks .and these attacks run contrary to rational argument it’s a fallacy of relevance where someone rejects or criticize other idea on basis of different features. Its often signal the point at which civil disagreement leads to fight but in siblings its causes just verbal disagreement.
Example: All people from India are liars.
3Bifurcation fallacyIt’s a type of fallacy in which reasoning fails to choose option of one thing which has many options sometime there are whole range of option in one thing ,two different thing or many things and have more option like two ,three five and forty five etc.dilemma —based argument s are only fallacies when more than stated option . Example: Either you love me ,or you hate me
4Causal fallacyIt is any logical breakdown when identifying a cause .it’s a false cause means not a cause for cause. Its occur when someone conclude a cause without proper evidence or information.
Example:  In pathan caste see the names like daryia khan (river, it’s not means that his parents are live in the river or at corner ,or may be if they lived at corner but it’s not a one cause of this . &
Example: zubair is not at school today. He must be on a family trip.



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