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PSY511 – Environmental Psychology

In PSY511 Environmental Psychology we have you covered with Digitized Past Papers From Fall of Mid Term and Final Term.

POSTED DATE:29-01-2019                      IDEA SOLUTION

Question no. 1:
GAS k stages k according apna experience lekhna hai with the help of example.
GAS stages are:
* Alarm reaction.
**: resistance.
*** Exhaustion.
in this, I will take the stressful situation of my uncle’s disease as an example
Alarm response:
when the doctor diagnosed the disease (liver cancer) of uncle then the immediate response was very hurtful all family members and uncle become cried.
the family members start the caring of uncle and also gradually the health become well day by day.
but the prolonged stress if disease had very bad effect on uncle’s health his all liver become die abdomen become full of water and finally he become dead
Question no. 2:
2 method btany hain keh hm kasy apni stresses ko overcome krty.
(1st question mai Jo hm apna experience share krin gy us k according coping method lekhna)
** go for walk.
*** Yoga
**** smile
**** look for the opportunities.
**** Deep breath. Etc


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