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Download One software where is no need to download of microsoft, powerpoint and excel. In this software all of them are available.

Benefit of WPS:

WPS Office is an software for office suite compatible for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android, developed by Zhuhai-based Chinese software developer Kingsoft. WPS Office is made up of three main parts:

  • WPS Writer
  • WPS Presentation
  • WPS Spreadsheet.
  1. W means word document for editing and writing of any article and assignment.
  2. P means presentation where you can make your company production structure and covey the message for your staff, or project with your companies or your universities.
  3. S means Sheet where you can do put the formulas in the sheet and make your account system and calculated your big values.

  4. Features of W of Home and Insert:

    1. In Home there are many features is that I can provide you in example. The main feature of WPS you can edit or open any word document in WPS. There is no need be like Microsoft Office 2006, 2007, 2013 or 2016 version. In these versions, there are big problems where you will make assignment in word and 2007 and open is 2013. It will give you a option, no format available.
    2. The main and best feature of WPS, I’ll provide you first of all, otherwise you will miss this feature. You can export your document in PDF and Picture. It’s free version.
    • You can also split that the document of picture to PDF and PDF to word.
    1. In the insert option, there are many shapes in the insert option. Click on the shapes and find for your perfect image.
    2. You can put the equation, watermark, page number, header and footer.
    3. WordArt feature is also available in WPS.
    • No need to go from outside, you can put the table during word, table feature is also available.
    • One more thing, you have already seen in only in Paint but the WPS provides you a screenshot in word document.

    You can put comments and textbox and also can put the Date and Time.


    Features of W of Page Layout, References, View and Section:

    1. In page layout you can put the themes, colors, extra fonts for text and also can put the margins from top, bottom and left to right. Page size and page Columns can also available. Text direction you can also set from yourself. You can line break, next page section break, column break, even page section, next page section and continuous page section.
    2. In the page layout, you can put the page color, if it’s image then you can also put the color from the background of the image. Put the page Borders which is align in Group and take rotate from 0 to 360.
    • Reference is also the section of WPS but I do not know about and never used before this feature. You can add the caption of your text.
      In review section, there is a 1stblock, where you can spell check. In case, spelling mistake then you can re-correct of your spellings. You can convert your text into the “Convert to Simplified Chinese” and the next is “Convert to Traditional Chinese”.
    1. In the view section there are available option, reading view, print layout, outline, and web layout. All that available in View Section.


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